Posted by: jcardillo | 24 August, 2009

Changes Are Coming

Hey all, I’m just checking in to explain my radio silence here. There are big plans in the works and changes afoot regarding my work situation. In order to accommodate those changes, some other things need to happen around here. So,
– my personal blog will move to next weekend
– will move to my own server and will host work-related content
– twitter @jcardillo will remain a personal account and detail my comings, goings, and thoughts that friends and family will find interesting
– twitter @jasoncardillo will launch as a work-related account with comings, goings, and thoughts related to that

Also, to those of you who laughed when my email experiment failed and I started answering the personal account again – Ha! The crackberry will lose the personal accounts and gain work-related ones. If you’re emailing me on my personal account, you’ll have to wait a day or two for a response. If you’re emailing me personal stuff on the work-related account(s!), you’ll get a severe talking-to!

Until later, that’s all. Sorry for the suspense, but that’s the way it goes.


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