Posted by: jcardillo | 6 May, 2009

Idiots Amuse Me – Is That Wrong?

From the Rangers Report,

Can I tell you something about the Yankees game last night? Two people in the expensive seats (which seats aren’t?) behind home plate were hit by foul balls because they were talking on the cell phone. Doesn’t that say it all? One was a woman in the little cafe area. The second was a guy on the phone, with an umbrella, and the ball nearly hit him square in the crotch. His umbrella went flying, but he never stopped talking on the phone, even though he was obviously shaken up by the direct hit and now he was getting soaked by rain. Idiot. It kind of made my night.

Maybe it’s just me, but I really miss the days of crappy stadiums with bad food and seats so uncomfortable they made you want to stand up. You HAD to pay attention to the game to distract yourself from the crummy surroundings. Now, as happened to me at a Sharks game earlier this year, you are told you can’t even lean forward if there is something exciting going on! Maybe that’s why PA announcers are out-of-control.

Thanks Carp!


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