Posted by: jcardillo | 14 April, 2009

Michelle Malkin Doesn’t Like to Reap What She Has Sown

A good rule of thumb when granting power to anyone, especially a government actor, is to decide whether or not you would be comfortable having someone you completely disagree with wield that power.

For years, Michelle Malkin has pounded home the idea that the only way for us to be safe from enemies both foreign and domestic, was for the government to have broad powers to wiretap our phone calls. This is how we’ll know who does bad things! Naturally, not a word was uttered when the DHS produced a report in January warning of the danger from left wing radicals, yet when they issue a similar report detailing threats from those who tend to agree with her, oh the hue and cry! There is no problem if FISA, DHS, NSA, etc. powers are used to keep an eye on, for example, groups that might firebomb a ski resort, but there sure is if they are used to keep an eye on, for example, “[t]he high volume of purchases and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by right-wing extremists…

The reality is that both of these problems are the domain of the FBI and local law enforcement who are well-equipped to keep an eye on suspects. The fact that, thanks to Congress, we now have a much broader set of powers that can be used to “spy” on Americans who aren’t really even suspected of a crime (a legal gun purchase is not a crime) and no ability for the Judicial Branch of our government to check those powers wielded by the Executive, is disturbing. But why, oh why, did she defend them when they were implemented?



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