Posted by: jcardillo | 24 October, 2008

Where’s My Share?

I’m sure a fair few of you know that my Sicilian ancestors come from a place called Catania, on the east coast of the island.  It’s one of Italy’s poorest cities in one of Italy’s poorest regions.

Despite that, Catania are (as of this writing) 3rd on the Serie A league table and “we’ve” just won the 100million Euro prize in the lottery.  Now, it could be invested in restoring the town center, emphasizing the history, and bringing back tourism to raise everyone’s income. Or, everyone could try to take “their share” they they are “entitled to” as members of the community, thus leaving everyone more the poorer and bitter for it.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I get my share of the winnings.  I’m waiting…


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