Posted by: jcardillo | 11 October, 2008

Provincetown and Bikes

It’s hard to believe that will all the time I’ve spent in Boston over the years, I’ve never made it out to P-town, but so it is. After a fairly easy drive up from Long Island, we checked into Snug Cottage. If you’re ever in P-Town and looking for a place slightly away from the center and a bit quieter, Snug is the place for you. Charming rooms (ours had a fireplace – very nice), wireless internet, and tasty breakfast come with each reservation.

Scarlett taking her bike off a sweet jump

Scarlett taking her bike off a sweet jump.

We headed out the next morning for a pre-wedding bike ride on rentals (thanks Jen and Kate!). Down the street and around the corner, a great bike-only path runs around the end of the Cape. While it’s probably not the best for hard-core training, the path is great for sightseeing. It’s interesting that the landscape could be confused a bit for Tahoe with the pine trees growing out of sandy soil. Even if you’re not on the path, P-town is built for bicycles. The narrow streets and impossible parking make bicycles one of the best ways to get around (at least until the snow starts falling) and the community and businesses have adapted. Most areas of town have bike racks or other obvious and friendly places to lock up your ride. The streets are so narrow that bike lanes would be impossible, so auto traffic winds its way through town at bicycle-like rates of speed. While the lady who screamed “It’s a two-way sidewalk, get out of the street!” at nobody in particular on Saturday morning might disagree, the slow traffic and narrow sidewalks make walking in the street practically a requirement, and with bikes and peds in the road, cars slow down, watch out, and everyone gets where they’re going safely and in due time. Whether this would work in a higher stress area like downtown Manhattan is another question, but in this laid-back beach town, it works.


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