Posted by: jcardillo | 2 October, 2008

East Coast Time

Now that Virgin America has done an excellent job (again) of delivering me to the East Coast, I’ll be out here and somewhat out-of-commission for the next few days.  I’m almost embarrassed to say, but I think Virgin might have a better music selection than I have for the drive up to Provincetown – but then again I’ve only got the shuffle.  We’ll have to see what Scarlett has on her iPod.  The Virgin system now has 240 artists available for free, and you can pick and choose song-by-song to build your own playlist.

My playlist for this flight:
Cold War Kids
Best of Schoolhouse Rock (Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?)
Chemical Brothers
Depeche Mode
Buddy Guy
Basement Jaxx
Band of Horses (totally awesome, and had never heard of them until this flight)

Also awesome, the Chicken Salad (a relative bargain at $6.50) had TONS of chicken and almost no lettuce. Strange, but I’m not complaining.


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