Posted by: jcardillo | 19 September, 2008

Catching Up On Music

So I know I was carrying on about an update after Outside Lands and whatnot, but life just keeps getting away from me.  I also promised pictures, but I (once again) forgot my camera and the crackberry’s camera temporarily lost its zoom function, so even those pictures are crap.

I can say this: Radiohead totally kicked ass.  The show was a S.H.O.W. – obviously the music was good, high energy, and an amazing video and light show to go along with it.  I would say that the downside of this festival-type atmosphere is the crowd itself.  Just because you want to get past me doesn’t mean you can get past me.  I missed the first 45 min of their set because so many people were trying to rush forward!

I thought for sure that would be the best show I’d go to for a while, but I was wrong.  Scar got us tickets for NIN.  WOW!  I was a bit skeptical at first, having seen NIN at a much smaller venue eons ago (Downward Spiral-era, I think) and loved the show.  I was afraid it wouldn’t transfer over to an arena show very well. Oh how wrong I was…  So again like Radiohead, you know the tunes themselves are going to be great.  Trent hasn’t lost his energy or enthusiasm for performing one bit, even though he described himself as getting old and grumpy.  But the visuals that went along with the show – man, they made Radiohead look like the high school a.v. club.  It was a technical tour-de-force and really blew me away.

I’ve got the crackberry camera working again, and will try to rededicate myself to remembering the proper camera.  No promises though…


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