Posted by: jcardillo | 9 August, 2008

NBC Olympics Online is Crap

Apparently it never occurred to any of the NBCtards or Microtards that someone watching a “long-form replay” of an event might not want to know the results of said event WHILE THEY ARE WATCHING IT!

Let’s take cycling for example.  If you click on video (seems like a reasonable choice for watching video of a cycling race), up comes a list of streams.  One of them is cycling.  If you click on the word “cycling” you get taken to results.  Not video of cycling, results of cycling.  Remember, you’re on the video page.  OK, so once you figure out that you need to click on “long-form replay” in the sidebar, you can choose to open up the stream.  When you open up the normal stream, there are a variety of ancillary text boxes, links, etc.  One module takes you to related video, with a YouTube-like list.  That list has descriptions of the videos INCLUDING THE RESULTS OF THE EVENT.

The only way to avoid results when you go online to watch video is to have someone else do everything for you and get you to the “enhanced player”, which has no links to anything or any way to see results.

My guess: making it easy to see results reduces interest in actually watching the stream, thus reducing bandwidth costs.  Maybe that’s a bit conspiratorial of me, but based on the experience so far, I wouldn’t put it past them.


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